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Bill Maher criticized for comments about Americans in ‘flyover’ states



Some people are criticizing Bill Maher after the comedian said the “most affluent and educated” Americans live in “just a few cities” in the country.

On Friday night’s episode of HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher,” the TV host addressed Amazon’s recent decision to cancel plans to build part of its second headquarters, or HQ2, in New York City.

During the show’s closing segment, Maher criticized Jeff Bezos and Amazon for choosing Long Island City, Queens, and Crystal City, Virginia, as the sites for HQ2 — two already prosperous places, according to the comedian.

But now, Maher said, the company has a chance to “actually do good” and “help a dying [city] come back to life.”

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“We have a problem in America called spatial geographic inequality which means that the most affluent and educated people are clustered in just a few cities,” the comedian continued.

While Americans living in “blue parts” of the country “are having a big prosperity party,” those living in red states feel like “their invitation got lost in the mail,” Maher said.

“The flyover states have become the passed-over states,” the TV host claimed. “That’s why red-state voters are so pissed off. They don’t hate us. They want to be us. They want to go to the party.”

Maher went on to compare the ostensible differences between living in blue and red states.

“There are two Americas,” the comedian claimed. “And it seems like one is where all the cool jobs are, where people drive Teslas and eat artisanal ice cream.”

He continued: “We have orchestras and theater districts and world-class shopping. We have Chef Wolfgang Puck. They have Chef Boyardee. Our roofs have solar panels. Theirs have last year’s Christmas lights. We’ve got legal bud. They’ve got Bud[weiser].”

On Twitter, some people were quick to slam the comedian for what they said were “elitist” comments.

Others, however, agreed with some of the comments Maher made about investing more in less prosperous parts of the country.

Maher concluded his “Real Time” segment by claiming that liberals “have to start recolonizing the parts of the country they’ve abandoned.”

Amazon, for example, could buy the whole state of Mississippi and rename it “Amazippi,” the TV host joked.

“If we keep leaving the red states behind, they’re going to keep getting angrier and crazier,” Maher continued. “Because if you’re not invited to the party, [the] next best thing is to throw a turd in the punch bowl.”

Watch the full clip from Friday’s episode of “Real Time with Bill Maher” below.

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