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Bill De Blasio loves ska music, and the internet is having a field day



New York City Mmyor and Democratic presidential candidate Bill De Blasio revealed in a Tuesday morning CNN appearance that he’s a fan of ska music — and internet commentators had a field day making fun of the mayor’s perceived efforts to seem cool and relatable.

In response to questioning from “New Day” host Alisyn Camerota, De Blasio said his favorite band is “The Clash,” but he also enjoys the reggae stylings of Bob Marley and Peter Tosh, as well as “ska” music.

“I love ska,” he said.

The mayor, who is the 23rd Democratic candidate to declare a 2020 presidential campaign, is historically unpopular both among his own constituents and the broader Democratic primary electorate, holding consistent net negative favorability among both.

When De Blasio officially announced his campaign on May 16, he was mercilessly mocked on social media. He was also protested by his own constituents outside the “Good Morning America” studio in New York where he made his first official media appearance as a candidate.

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