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Barack Obama is proud of Parkland mass shooting survivors for activism



Former US President Barack Obama has said he’s proud of every Parkland mass shooting survivor for their activism during the year since the tragedy.

Obama tweeted: “In the year since their friends were killed, the students of Parkland refused to settle for the way things are and marched, organized, and pushed for the way things should be – helping pass meaningful new gun violence laws in states across the country.”

“I’m proud of all of them,” he said.

During his presidency, Obama was a staunch advocate of greater gun control, and admitted his frustration at making little progress on the issue in his eight years in the White House

“For us not to be able to resolve that issue has been something that is distressing,” he said in a 2015 interview with the BBC.

Thursday marks the first anniversary of the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, which saw a gunman open fire on campus, leaving 17 students and staff members dead.

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The White House published a memorial statement from President Donald Trump called the “Presidential Message on School Safety: Remembering the Parkland Tragedy” on Thursday.

It said: “On this somber anniversary, we honor their memory and recommit to ensuring the safety of all Americans, especially our Nation’s children.”

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“Melania and I join all Americans in praying for the continued healing of those in the Parkland community and all communities where lives have been lost to gun violence.”

“Today, as we hold in our hearts each of those lost a year ago in Parkland, let us declare together, as Americans, that we will not rest until our schools are secure and our communities are safe.”

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