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Andrew Yang campaign: CNN apologized for 2020 poll chyron excluding him



CNN has taken a “New Day” chyron of the top-performing candidates in a recent Quinnipiac poll that excluded presidential candidate Andrew Yang in favor of a lower-polling candidate off the air, according to the Yang campaign.

Randy Jones, Yang’s campaign spokesman, told Insider in a Thursday phone call that the network said they would pull the graphic— which showed Rep. Beto O’Rourke polling at 1% but not Yang polling at 2% — off the air.

Jones said that he was “very pleased” with CNN’s quick response when the campaign reached out about the graphic, as well as with their assurances that it was “an honest mistake” and wouldn’t happen again.

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The “New Day” graphic was one of several news chyrons that prompted Yang’s supporters — known as “the Yang gang” — to tweet #YangMediaBlackout in accusing the mainstream media of conspiring against Yang by deliberately not covering his campaign.

In addition to the “New Day” chyron, Yang supporters also pointed to a “Cuomo Prime Time” graphic and an “Inside Poltiics” graphic that excluded Yang despite there being room on the screen to feature more candidates.

Representatives for “Cuomo Prime Time” and “Inside Politics” did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment as to whether they also planned to adjust those graphics to include Yang and other candidates.

Over the course of the campaign, Yang and his supporters have tussled with vestiges of what they perceive to a political and media establishment class determined to undermine unconventional candidates like Yang. The political novice is an entrepreneur and first-time political candidate running on a unique platform of giving every American a $1,000 per month universal basic income.

Yang accused NBC of cutting off his mic during the first Democratic debate in June, which the network thoroughly denied, and previously complained on Twitter about the DNC not allowing them to use two polls from the same vendor to qualify for the fall debates.

Now, Yang’s supporters seem to taking aim both at CNN and cable news media more broadly to accuse them of bias two weeks before Yang is set to take the stage for the next round of Democratic primary debates.

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But Yang’s campaign — which rose to prominence largely by gaining support on social media and not by being covered traditional cable news networks — is maintaining its upbeat and positive campaign message.

“The fact that the Real Clear Politics average has [Yang] in 6th place (& rising) despite the #YangMediaBlackout is a testament to the unique strength of the message & messenger,” tweeted Yang senior advisor Steve Marchand. “It motivates all of us in the #YangGang to work even harder – and to make history in 2020.”

Jones reiterated that he was satisfied with CNN’s response and didn’t seem too concerned with the chyrons excluding Yang, telling Insider that “the Yang Gang is too powerful” to be ignored. “Even if [the networks] wanted to undermine us, they couldn’t. It isn’t possible,” he said.

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