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Amtrak train stuck since Sunday in Oregon after hitting tree



An Amtrak train bound for Los Angeles from Seattle has been stuck in Oregon since Sunday evening, when it struck a tree that had fallen onto the tracks.

“Due to worsening conditions, area road closures and no viable way to safely transport passengers or crews via alternate transportation, Train 11 stopped in Oakridge, Oregon,” an Amtrak spokesperson told CNN, which first reported the news.

“We are actively working with Union Pacific to clear the right of way and get passengers off the train.”

Union Pacific, a private freight railroad, owns the tracks where Amtrak operates and where train 11 is stuck, complicating matters for the stuck train.

Amtrak’s twitter account said food and water were being provided to the 183 passengers, free of charge.

One passenger told KOIN news in Oregon that the situation on-board is becoming dire as supplies run thin.

“A lot of the [older] kids have been really good but they’re having to run up and down and it’s a lot,” Carly Bigby told the station. “Especially the food — it’s not really food they’re liking. Moms are doing all they can right now.”

Amtrak did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Business Insider.

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