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Alphabet’s chief legal officer David Drummond said he is ‘far from perfect’



Alphabet’s chief legal officer David Drummond said he is “far from perfect,” in a personal statement first reported by BuzzFeed News on Thursday, regarding an extramarital relationship he had with a subordinate at Google.

Jennifer Blakely — the former employee on Drummond’s team — personally spoke out for the first time on Wednesday in a Medium post, which alleged that chief legal exec fathered a son with her while he was married and abused her emotionally.

Google has refused to comment on the matter, which involves allegations about one of the highest paid and most powerful executives at the company. “We don’t have a statement on this to share,” a Google spokesperson said in an email to Business Insider. “We’ve seen that Mr. Drummond has issued a personal statement, see here,” Google said.

The company, which has been rocked by allegations that it protects “elite men” who have engaged in sexual misconduct, in some cases giving them huge payouts, declined to make Drummond available for an interview.

Drummond’s statement on Thursday, which was tweeted out in-full by BuzzFeed News reporter Ryan Mac, calls into questions some of the claims raised by Blakely’s recent account of their relationship.

“Her account raises many claims about us and other people, including our son and my former wife,” Drummond said in his statement, according to BuzzFeed. “As you would expect, there are two sides to all of the conversations and details Jennifer recounts, and I take a very different view about what happened. I have discussed these claims directly with Jennifer, and I addressed the details of our relationship with our employer at the time.”

Specifically, Drummond says that besides Blakely, he was never “started” a relationship with anyone else at Google or Alphabet. According to Blakely’s account from Wednesday, Drummond had multiple relationships with other colleagues at Google, including his “personal assistant” who Blakely claims moved into one of his homes.

The legal chief, however, said that “any suggestion otherwise,” as to whether he had relationships with colleagues other than Blakely, “is simply untrue.”

Still, Drummond said, he doesn’t want to publicly go “back and forth about these personal matters.”

This story is developing.

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