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All the times Trump has criticized Fox News as president



  • President Donald Trump’s favorite news channel has been, for the longest time, Fox News. But cracks have begun to emerge this year.
  • Fox News’ opinion hosts, like Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson, usually support Trump, but the channel’s independent news division and polling system aren’t beholden to his whims.
  • More and more, when Trump doesn’t like what he sees, he’s prone to lashing out in a very public way, usually with a storm of fiery tweets.
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President Donald Trump values loyalty.

He expects it from his allies, his employees, and his supporters. When he doesn’t get it, or feels disrespected, he’s prone to lashing out in public, usually via Twitter.

Fox News, Trump’s favorite news channel, was part of what propelled him to victory in 2016. His frequent appearances won over the hosts of “Fox & Friends” in the mornings and the opinion programs during primetime.

But as Trump has come under scrutiny for pressuring a foreign government to investigate his rival, the president hasn’t received blind loyalty from his preferred network. While Fox News’ opinion hosts still stand behind Trump, its news division and its polls are independent.

In the last year, and particularly as the impeachment inquiry has heated up, Trump has regularly let the news channel know, usually through Twitter, when he doesn’t like what an anchor says, who a particular guest is, or what their polling concluded.

Here are all the times the president has criticized Fox News. The network didn’t respond to Business Insider’s request for comment.

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