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All 50 states are partially open from coronavirus stay-at-home orders



  • As of Wednesday, all 50 states have started to ease their lockdown measures.
  • Connecticut became the last state to enter the first phase of reopening its economy.
  • With more people out and about, the risk for a resurgence in novel coronavirus cases is significant.
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Wednesday is the first day in two months that all 50 states have been, at least partially, reopened.

Stay-at-home orders started to be announced in mid-March, beginning with California, and then swept the nation.

The goal of the lockdowns was to “flatten the curve” by slowing the rate of people falling ill from the novel coronavirus.

In late April, some states — like Georgia, Florida, and Texas—  led the charge in lifting some restrictions on restaurants, grooming businesses, and retail stores. By Wednesday, all 50 states have made some move toward reopening their economies.

Connecticut was the last to do so, by allowing the reopening of outdoor dining areas, offices, retail shops, and some attractions with social distancing regulations and capacity limits.

“There is a balance and there’s nothing that’s risk free,” Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont told ABC 7. “I think we can proceed with very thoughtful bases with those businesses that are least like to be dangerous, most likely to have a real economic value for the state. and I’m looking forward. I think this is a good day for the state.”

Since the first case of the coronavirus in the US was reported in January, there have been more than 1.5 million confirmed cases and at least 92,066 deaths in the country, according data from Johns Hopkins University.

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