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#AbolishTheMonarchy trending on Twitter after Queen suspends Parliament



Queen Elizabeth II has been criticized for agreeing to shut down UK Parliament for almost a month.

Upon the request of newly-appointed Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Parliament will be suspended from September 9 through to October 14.

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This means MPs who are looking to pass legislation that could oppose a no-deal Brexit will have a limited time to do so, as the UK is set to leave the European Union on October 31.

The request is considered typical practice under UK constitution, with Daily Express royal correspondent Richard Palmer saying the Queen “had to approve it.”

“The Queen has been dragged into a constitutional crisis. #AbolishTheMonarchy has been trending on Twitter,” Palmer tweeted.

“But although constitutional experts have described the PM’s lengthy suspension of Parliament as an affront to democracy, they agree that the Queen had to approve it,” he went on.

Nonetheless, the British public expressed their anger at Her Majesty’s decision, and #AbolishTheMonarchy ended up trending on Twitter with 20,000 tweets on Wednesday.

“Unelected head of state shuts down parliament at the request of the unelected PM. Democracy! #AbolishTheMonarchy” one person wrote on Twitter.

Another wrote: “To anyone looking to justify the Queen’s actions today with the line, ‘she had no choice, she was just following protocol and convention,’ that is precisely why we should #AbolishTheMonarchy.

“If she is unable to apply critical thought to her function then she is utterly pointless.”

Meanwhile, a fan account dedicated to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex wrote that “the monarchy has obviously had its run. The Queen has obviously lost the plot.”

Thousands of people protested outside Parliament on Wednesday evening and Thursday morning, while a petition against the suspension of Parliament gained more than one million signatures.

Even British actor Hugh Grant made his opinion clear, calling Johnson an “over-promoted rubber bath toy” in a scathing tweet.

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