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A singer and nonprofit leader: Who is Mina Chang from State Department



Chang educational experience is under scrutiny.

Mina chang

Mina Chang.

Chang’s biography has come under intense scrutiny following an NBC News investigation.

Her information from the State Department mentions she is an “alumna” of Harvard Business School. In 2016, Chang attended a seven-week course at the college, but did not obtain a higher-education degree from the university, according to NBC News.

Chang’s nonprofit group says she had “correctly stated that she is an alumnus of the school,” given that she completed the $82,000 course.

In addition to her claim of being an alumnus of Harvard, Chang mentions she had graduated from other prestigious institutions after attending seminars, including the Army War College.

It is unclear whether Chang has obtained an Associate or Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution.

According to her educational history on LinkedIn, Chang writes that she took part in a six-day “Executive Nonprofit Leadership” program at Southern Methodist University in Texas.

Business Insider discovered that Chang’s enrollment information is absent. Her basic information was found in the school’s database, but it never received payment or course records on Chang, according to a course official.

“I wouldn’t understand why somebody would lie about the program,” a course employee said, adding that the course is beneficial for those who are interested in the nonprofit sector.

According to her now-private LinkedIn profile, she also attended the University of Nations with a focus on “Development” and “Aid Practices.”

The University of Nations, which describes itself as an international, Christian learning center founded on biblical principles, claims to have chosen not to apply for accreditation due to “major differences” in national accrediting agencies.

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