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6 water regulations the Trump administration has tried to roll back



In February 2017, Trump repealed an Obama-era environmental regulation aimed at protecting streams and waterways from coal mining waste — the Stream Protection Rule.

The rule required surface mining activities to be kept at least 100 feet away from streams, which including the dumping of mining waste. By repealing the rule, Trump made it easier for coal mining companies to dump mining debris in streams.

Trump contended the rule placed unnecessary burdens on the coal mining industry, but environmental groups said its repeal increased health risks for rural communities by disregarding “basic clean water safeguards.”

Democratic Rep. John Yarmuth of Kentucky, a state with a long history of coal mining, was staunchly opposed to the rule’s repeal.

He brought polluted well water from his district and challenged his GOP colleagues to try it, stating he’d vote in favor of rolling the regulation back if one of them did. Ultimately, no Republican lawmakers accepted Yarmuth’s offer, USA Today reported.

At the time, Yarmuth said, “This came from the drinking well of the Urias family’s home in Pike County, Kentucky.”

Yarmuth contended the rule was “one of the only safety measures that would protect these families from poisoned drinking water, higher rates of cancer, lung disease, respiratory illness, cardiovascular disease, birth defects and the countless negative health effects that plague this region.”

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