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5 first-generation Americans and immigrants in Trump’s White House



President Donald Trump was elected on a set of anti-immigration policies, including building a wall on the US-Mexico border, banning Muslims from entering the US, and cutting back on the number of refugees allowed in the country.

More recently, the president has escalated his campaign to reduce immigration, reportedly urging officials to close the southern border, considering a plan to release undocumented immigrants into “sanctuary cities,” and ending aid to three Central American countries in response to a wave of migrants.

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Meanwhile, his administration has moved to dramatically reduce the number of immigrants legally allowed to come to the US, while planning to close many of the US’s immigration operations around the world, and attempting to force asylum seekers to wait in Mexico as their applications were processed by the US.

But there are some prominent immigrants and first-generation Americans in the Trump administration, including, of course, First Lady Melania Trump. Trump himself is the son of an immigrant mother from Scotland.

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