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28 photos show reality for Australian firefighters battling bushfires



Australia is currently battling some of the worst bushfires it has ever seen. 

Those on the frontlines are facing the brutal fire conditions that have killed seven people and razed more than 3 million hectares (7.4 million acres), according to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)

The NSW Rural Fire Service, which has over 74,000 volunteer members, said that as of December 22, at least 829 homes have been destroyed in fires, including 100 homes since last Thursday.

The fires were so out of control last week that the New South Wales Government declared a State of Emergency for the second time in two weeks. It will last from December 19 to December 26.

Australia’s Department of Defense has provided additional support in helping remove people from their homes in areas at risk of bushfires, as well as transporting firefighters by air. 

According to the New South Wales Rural Fire Service, there were around 90 fires burning on Australia’s east coast throughout the neighboring states of New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory on Monday afternoon. 

Video taken by volunteer firefighters on December 22 shows a fire raging in Blackheath, New South Wales, threatening homes. 


Bushfires in Australia are very common during the hotter spring and summer months, though scientists have said that Australia’s fire season is beginning earlier and becoming more extreme as a result of climate change.

Here are 28 photos that show the haunting reality of firefighters and residents battling bushfires currently raging through the state of New South Wales.

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