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17 best vintage Marianne Williamson tweets, ranked



Author, New Age spiritual thought leader, Oprah Winfrey confidante and now presidential contender Marianne Williamson became an Internet meme and the subject of endless jokes overnight after her eye-brow raising performance at the first Democratic debates on June 27 in Miami.

At multiple points during the debate, Williamson rejected the notion that providing detailed policy plans on issues like climate change and immigration would help Democrats defeat President Donald Trump, and said the first thing she would do as president would to be call New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Arden.

She used her closing statement to talk about defeating Trump. “He’s not going to be beaten by someone with plans,” and addressing Trump directly, added, “you’ve harnessed fear for political purposes and only love can cast that out… I’m going to harness love for political purposes.”

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Williamson has been one of the most prominent spiritual gurus in Hollywood for decades, getting her big break with a 1992 interview with Oprah. While she’s never held elected office before — running unsuccessfully for Congress in 2014 — she qualified for the first round of presidential debates by reaching 1% in three polls and gaining 65,000 unique donors.

Almost immediately after the debate, Twitter users began to re-surface the past 10 years of Williamson’s colorful Twitter history, including in one giant master thread from BuzzFeed News reporter Ellie Hall.

Here’s INSIDER ranking of the 17 best vintage Williamson tweets we found:


















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