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16 House Democrats state their opposition to Nancy Pelosi in letter.



nancy pelosi
Democratic Majority Leader
Nancy Pelosi

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  • A group of 16 Democrats released a letter stating opposition
    to Nancy Pelosi as the next speaker of the House.
  • The letter is a mix of current House Democrats and incoming
    freshmen elected earlier in November.
  • Pelosi is so far running unopposed, but will need at least
    218 votes on the House floor to become speaker.

WASHINGTON — A group of Democratic representatives and several
incoming freshmen released a letter on Monday stating their
opposition to Nancy Pelosi being elected speaker of the House in
January when the new Congress forms.

In the letter — which was signed by 16 House Democrats, five of
whom were recently elected for the first time this November — the
authors detailed their reasoning for refusing to back Pelosi in a
call for new leadership.

“As we head toward the 116th Congress and reclaim our Democratic
majority, we believe more strongly than ever that the time has
come for new leadership in our Caucus,” the letter reads. “We are
thankful to Leader Pelosi for her years of service to our Country
and to our Caucus. She is a historic figure whose leadership has
been instrumental to some of our party’s most important
legislative achievements.”

The group of Democrats also claim to have come back into the
majority thanks in part to many candidates’ repeated public
opposition to the current leadership structure.

“However, we also recognize that in this recent election,
Democrats ran and won on a message of change. Our majority came
on the backs of candidates who said they would support new
leadership because voters in hard-won districts, and across the
country, want to see real change in Washington,” they added. “We
promised to change the status quo, and we intend to deliver on
that promise.”

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Pelosi’s bid for House Speaker is in a lot more trouble than
she’s letting on

While the group is relatively small in the scope of the
Democrats’ newfound House majority, there are several other
recently elected Democrats who have stated publicly they do not
plan to vote for Pelosi as speaker but did not sign the letter,
which could place her in a
fair amount of trouble

There are also contingents of Democrats who
have been frustrated
about the leadership team’s lack of
“geographic diversity,” among other issues.

And while President Donald Trump has said he wants Pelosi to be
the next speaker, even encouraging Republicans to get on board
with her bid, the longtime California Democrat has stated
she intends to “win the speakership with Democratic

Gender has also been a large
of the speaker fight. 

“You cannot have the four leaders of Congress [and] the
president of the United States, these five people, and not have
the voice of women,” Pelosi 

a Sunday interview on CBS. “Especially since women were the
majority of the voters, the workers in campaigns, and now part of
this glorious victory.

Pelosi noted in her Thursday press conference that of the
Democrats who have signed the letter, a majority are men.

The group of Democrats are also pushing for Ohio Rep.
Marcia Fudge to challenge Pelosi. But Fudge has
not yet decided
as to whether she will run, instead taking
the weeklong Thanksgiving break to mull it over.

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