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15 photos we can't stop looking at that highlight tech's wild, apocalyptic year



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  • It’s been a wild year for tech, marked by scandal, political clashes, and bizarre product launches.
  • From Mark Zuckerberg’s Congress grilling to the mass Google protests, some of the drama has been captured in candid detail on camera.

Business Insider has compiled some of the wildest pictures from an apocalyptic year in tech. Scroll on for 15 moments that defined 2018. 

JANUARY: Yes, it really was this year Logan Paul posted *that* YouTube video of a Japanese forest and what appeared to be a dead body.

Paul was removed from Google’s preferred partner program — which guarantees YouTube’s biggest stars more ad revenue — and later said the mistake cost him $5 million.

MARCH: Pursued by reporters, Cambridge Analytica CEO Alexander Nix is bundled into the firm’s London offices.

Just days before this photo was taken, The Observer reported that Nix’s company had harvested the data of 50 million Facebook users and weaponized the information for political campaigns, including Donald Trump’s run for president. He was unflatteringly compared to a James Bond villain.

MARCH: This self-driving Uber car killed Elaine Herzberg. It was the first pedestrian fatality involving an autonomous vehicle.

The incident shocked people inside Uber’s Advanced Technologies Group, the company’s 1,100-person self-driving unit, according to Business Insider’s detailed retelling of the incident.

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