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Best K-pop lightsticks on Amazon



Our ranking dives into how the lightstick features stack up and leaves group association out of the equation.


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If you’re reading this, you’re likely already familiar with lightsticks. But for the uninitiated, here’s what you need to know: They are the must-have item for K-pop fans.

You can’t go to a K-pop concert these days without seeing a stadium full of glowing orbs. Each group’s ocean is lit up with their brand-specific lightstick, which vary in design and color across the genre. The styles and names of lightsticks are often influenced by the group’s name or fanbase (e.g. the Apink Pandas and BTS Army).

Official lightsticks can be hard to come by as they are sometimes only sold at concerts, and the ones that are for sale from official online retailers are often sold out. Lucky for you, that’s why Amazon exists. 

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Sifting through Amazon to find legit lightsticks (or as close to legit as you can get) can be a pain. There are tons of sellers that don’t seem credible, to put it lightly. One thing to pay attention to when determining whether the lightstick is official or not is the price. A good lightstick will cost you around $40 to $60 — though some on Amazon are a bit pricier because of limited availability.

You want to make sure the lightstick you buy is legit so it actually works as it’s supposed to when it comes concert time. Some lightsticks have modes that connect to the concert venue’s lighting rigs, allowing them to be controlled externally and sync up to the show. Others have music reaction mode, which causes the light to pulse along with the group’s music. If the lightstick is a knock-off it might not carry out these features correctly.

K-pop fans do understand how difficult it can be to get an official lightstick, though. YouTube user YBPudding says in a video, “I encourage everyone to go out and buy official merchandise if they can; however, don’t feel bad if your merch isn’t real because sometimes it comes from a place of love.”

If the credibility of the lightstick isn’t the most important thing to you, Amazon is a good place to shop.

If you learn one thing from this shopping guide to K-pop lightsticks, let it be this: Lightsticks are associated with different K-pop groups, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the best or most popular groups have the coolest lightsticks. 

We scoured Amazon listings and found 15 of the best lightsticks. (Best as in how cool the lightsticks themselves are, while leaving the group out of the equation.) We know you’re going to stan who you stan, but you can always appreciate the craftsmanship of other K-pop groups.

Cute design • Remote light control

This lightstick is super cute, though it’s a bit pricey.

1. Apink lightstick (version 2)

When the Apink lightstick is powered on, the panda’s nose, eyes, and ears illuminate.

  • Power:
    3 AAA batteries
  • Bluetooth:
Even if you aren’t an Apink fan, we can all agree that their lightstick is adorable. I mean, just look at it — it’s a pink, glittery panda. When the lightstick is powered on, the panda’s nose, eyes, and ears illuminate. With version two, you’ll be able to pair the lightstick via Bluetooth to control the lighting remotely.
The pink panda features three different light modes: on, slow blink, and a fast, strobe-like flicker. The light shines a bright white, but gives off a pink hue through the panda’s face. This lightstick also comes with a wrist strap so it doesn’t accidentally go flying while you’re waving it around.
Unfortunately, the Apink lightstick is sold out on official websites and the Amazon price is a bit spiked. But it’s the price you pay if you want to show your love for the group.

Music reaction mode • Not too pricey

iKon’s lightstick has a clever name and clever design to match.

When it comes to cool designs, the iKon Konbat is high up on the list. This lightstick literally looks like a mini baseball bat — plus, the name is just so damn clever. 
The Konbat glows in the group’s signature red color and can display the light in either solid or music reaction modes. The handle is gripped like an actual baseball bat and it comes with a wrist strap, so you should have a good grasp on the lightstick without worrying about it whiffing out of your hand.
You’ll get up to five hours of usage for each set of batteries, so keep that in mind if you plan to take your Konbat to a show. You’ll want to make sure it’s juiced up.

Music reaction • Includes album and other collectibles

This hammer-shaped lightstick has sound effects and pulses along to music.

The Blackpink hammer packs in some cool features. It has a couple different light modes, including music reaction, so you can pair it to your favorite Blackpink songs and watch the lights sync with the beat.
That’s not the only cool thing, though. The rubber hammer makes squeaking noises when you hit it against surfaces, almost like an arcade Whac-A-Mole mallet. This feature is optional (thank God); the lightstick has a power switch for the effect.
In addition to the lightstick itself, this bundle includes Blackpink’s Square Up album, a poster, photo card, and other small collectibles. 

Stage lighting connectivity

The Army Bomb has a pretty standard appearance, but boasts some cool lighting features.

4. BTS Army Bomb

Join BTS’s ocean with this colorful lightstick featuring concert lighting connectivity.

  • Power:
    3 AAA batteries
  • Bluetooth:
BTS’s Army Bomb doesn’t have a super special outer appearance, but put a bunch together in an arena with the BTS lighting crew and the lightsticks really shine. For some shows, audience members are able to pair their lightsticks via Bluetooth and connect them to their seat so performance management has wireless access and can create lighting effects.
This allows the BTS ocean to look like a stunning light show that matches the sound and mood of the concert. In addition to those controls, the Army Bomb has solid, slow blinking, quick flashing, and dimming light settings.
The lightstick also comes with an acrylic photo card.

Stage lighting connectivity • Pairs easily with the app

Not as attractive as the version one Candy Bong • Long shipping time • Pricey

From its designs to its features, the Candy Bong Z is a fun lightstick.

5. Twice Candy Bong Z

Twice’s Candy Bong Z has a sweet lollipop design and features concert lighting connectivity.

  • Power:
    3 AAA batteries
  • Bluetooth:
Though the first version of Twice’s lightstick looks cooler, the Candy Bong Z still gives off some sweet vibes. It’s designed to look like a big light-up lollipop. 
Similar to the BTS Army Bomb, this lightstick features connectivity for external control during concerts. In the central control mode, the stick cycles through nine colors, each one representing one of the group’s members.
The Candy Bong Z comes with a strap to keep a better grip on the lightstick during concerts.

Stage lighting connectivity • Includes collectible sticker

This lightstick is pretty and comes with bonus stickers.

6. SHINee lightstick

Can’t go to the concert? It makes a great microphone for singing along at home.

  • Power:
    3 AAA batteries
  • Bluetooth:
A bright diamond shape sits atop SHINee’s lightstick, which resembles a microphone and thus makes it the perfect accessory for singing along at concerts (or just in your room.)
The lighstick has three modes: on, blink, and flicker. It also syncs to the control center at concerts and changes colors with the show. Just connect the accessory to your phone via Bluetooth.
Included with your purchase is a wrist strap and collectible stamp sticker.

Stage lighting connectivity

Not consistently in stock

Choose from different light modes or connect via Bluetooth at a show for synchronized stage lighting.

The Monsta X version two lightstick looks like it’s fit for an ice queen. The spiky interior representing the group’s logo, as seen in the original, is present here and encased in a colorless clear diamond-esque plastic. For added fun, the lightstick is adorned with glitter.
It has three light modes: solid, blinking, and flickering. It also has the option to cycle through different colors. Bluetooth allows the Monsta X lightstick to be taken over for concert-controlled lighting.
In addition to these features, the lightstick includes a wrist strap and stand for displaying while not in use.

Fun design • Wrist strap

No Bluetooth connection • Price inflation

Though it’s not super feature-heavy, this lightstick does look cool.

8. Pentagon lightstick

This lightstick resembles a souvenir from an amusement park and features three light modes.

  • Power:
    3 AAA batteries
  • Bluetooth:
The Pentagon lightstick looks like something straight out of a theme park. It features sparkles and a logo that appears almost neon, making the whole thing feel a bit sci-fi.
Though this lightstick looks cool, it’s not one of the more feature-heavy options. It has a white light that can blink or flicker in addition to its steady light mode. Unfortunately, you can’t pair the lightstick with Bluetooth or connect it to lighting control at concerts.
The Pentagon lightstick does come with a branded wrist strap, so you can go hard at live shows.

Decent price • Fun features

Group is no longer together

Because the group is no longer active, this lightstick is more of a collector’s item.

9. Wanna One lightstick

Wanna One is no longer an active group, but its cool lightstick is available as a collector’s item (for now.)

  • Power:
    3 AAA batteries
  • Bluetooth:
The Wanna One lightstick gives you the opportunity to show off that your taste in K-pop is No. 1. Literally — it’s a big, glowing “1” encased in a clear plastic dome. 
This one has some neat features, with the logo changing if the light is on or off. As for the light, it has on, blink, and flicker modes and you have the option to connect to central control mode for concert lighting.
Even though the lightstick does have these features, you won’t really get to use them as the group disbanded at the start of 2019. Consider it a collector’s item and cross your fingers for a reunion show.

Moving parts • Nice packaging

Though this lightstick doesn’t have Bluetooth connectivity, it makes up for it in design features.

10. Jeong Sewoon lightstick

With moving parts and three light modes, this lightstick is super fun.

  • Power:
    3 AAA batteries
  • Bluetooth:
Honestly, Jeong Sewoon’s lightstick is cool for the unboxing alone — the top of the packaging is in the shape of his logo, making the experience like opening up a flower. His logo appears on top of the lightstick and inside it as well.
The inner logo spins when you shake the lightstick, adding some motion to the otherwise stagnant accessory. The dome is meant to look like it’s full of water, with clear blue coloring topped with sparkles.
As for the lighting, you get a bright white light with on, blinking, and flickering modes.

Stage lighting connectivity • Cool lighting effects

This lightstick is a bit expensive, but it has some really neat features.

11. Infinite lightstick

The design of this lightstick lends itself to some cool lighting features.

  • Power:
    3 AAA batteries
  • Bluetooth:
White lights appear gold in Infinite’s lightstick, with a golden logo and embellishments. The top of the lightstick gives off a sort of shadowbox effect because of a cutout logo that lets light shine through.
In normal mode, you can set the light to be on, blinking, or flickering. In central control mode, the lighting crew at the concert venue takes control of the lightstick to sync it to the show.
This golden lightstick includes a wrist strap for added stability.

Stage lighting connectivity • Pretty color

This lightstick has a nice feminine feel with a good selection of light modes.

Glowing bright pink, the Girls’ Generation lightstick shuffles through four different modes: solid on, blinking, flickering, and a pulsating glow. The stick’s topper is heart-shaped and features the group’s logo.
In addition to the different modes, this lightstick connects to concert venue lighting for external control during live shows. It also has an attached wrist strap to give you a sturdier grasp.

These guys are the OGs of the lightstick game, but it might be tough to get your hands on one.

BigBang is actually the originator of the lightstick, so it’s only fitting that the group would have an interesting one. The design is meant to resemble a crown, though it also looks like it could pass for a tulip.
The light shines yellow because of the lightstick’s coloring. You can set it to be on as a solid glow or put it in reaction mode to have it flash with the beat of your favorite BigBang songs.
There’s also a wrist strap to help you hang on to your lightstick.

Music reaction mode • Good price

Not as cool as the first version lightstick

This lightstick has a nice color and syncs up to music.

Personally, I’m more of a fan of Winner’s first lightstick because of its “W” shape, but the version 2 lightstick retains the same sentiment in a sleeker, more compact body.
It glows a soft blue and has a solid mode and music reaction mode that blinks and pulses along with tunes. The lightstick has an attached wrist strap, but features a little notch in the base so the stick can stand upright while the strap is intact.

Good reviews • Photo card included

No Bluetooth • Not official

For a replica, this lightstick looks legit.

With other lightsticks, it might be tough to figure out if it’s legit or not, but this GOT7 one comes right out and says upfront that it is a replica and therefore not official. However, it has rave reviews on Amazon from satisfied purchasers. 
It has the shape of the iconic GOT7 bird with a bright green logo inside. (The actual light is white, but glows green through the plastic.) Because this is the first version of the lightstick, it is not able to connect to wireless control.
The lightstick has on, blinking, and flickering modes and comes with a GOT7 photo card.

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