HouseofYesT9Erica Camille/Courtesy of House of Yes

  • Time Out recently released its list of the 50 best things to do in the world right now. Brooklyn’s House of Yes nightclub came in at second.
  • The nightclub is known for wild parties with strange themes, circus performers, burlesque dancers, and more.
  • I partied there last fall and found it to be a sensory overload of colorful costumes, pulsating beats, and dancers flying through the air. Needless to say, I was anything but bored.

Earlier this week, Time Out released its list of the 50 best things to do in the world right now. Coming in at second on the list is Brooklyn’s very own House of Yes nightclub, a place that strives to be somewhere where just about anything can happen.

Opened in 2015, the club is the brainchild of New York artists Kae Burke and Anya Sapozhnikova. On any given night, party-goers might encounter trance DJs, aerialists, circus performers, marching bands, burlesque dancers, magicians, and tarot card readers.

The club is notorious for out-there parties with themes like Prohibition Disco, House of Love, and Bad Behavior. Costumes are just about required for any party at House of Yes, which makes sure things get weird.

It’s likely that sense of wonder, discovery, and sheer craziness that led Time Out to put the club at the top of the list, which was curated by the publication’s global editors based on 5,000 recommendations in 400 destinations from travelers around the world.

Last November, I headed to House of Yes to attend the “Ancient Aliens” party and talk with Burke and Sapozhnikova.