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Warren Buffett’s marriage to Susan Buffett is unconventional



Warren Buffet wife AstridThe “Oracle of Omaha” married his second wife, Astrid, in 2006, but they’ve been together since 1978.Scott Olson / Getty Images

  • Warren Buffett married Susan Thompson in 1952.
  • She ultimately left Warren to pursue a singing career, but they remained amicably married until her death in 2004.
  • Susan also introduced her husband to Astrid Menks, who became his companion. Buffett and Menks married in 2006.

Warren Buffett has had a less-than-conventional marriage for much of his life.

While the investment guru remained married to his first wife, Susan, from 1952 till her death in 2004, he lived with Astrid Menks. Menks and Buffett didn’t tie the knot until 2006, two years after Susan died.

But family members said the unusual arrangement worked for all those involved. According to the Daily Mail, the trio would even send out Christmas cards together — signed Warren, Susan, and Astrid.

“Unconventional is not a bad thing,” Buffett’s daughter, Susie Buffett, told The New York Times. “More people should have unconventional marriages.”

Here’s a look inside Warren Buffett’s married life.

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