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Uber returns to Abu Dhabi after 2-year suspension with Uber Select



Dara Khosrowshahi
Uber CEO Dara


  • Uber announced on Monday that it is returning to Abu
    Dhabi after a two-year suspension.
  • Both Uber and Middle East-based ride-hailing company
    Careem were suspended in 2016 for regulation
  • Uber is starting again in Abu Dhabi with Uber Select, a
    high-end offering of its service, and says it will introduce
    more options over the coming months.

Uber has resumed services in Abu Dhabi after a more than two-year
suspension, the
US ride-hailing company said in a statement on Monday.

Abu Dhabi
suspended the services of both Uber and Middle East rival
in August 2016 after some drivers were detained over
regulation violations.

Uber announced that its Select service is available immediately
as of November 19, and “new options will be introduced over
the coming months.” 
Uber Select is a high-end
version of its regular service
which launched in 2015

The ride-hailing company said that pricing regulation in Abu
Dhabi had made returning to the city difficult.

“Similar to our current offering in Dubai, the Select product in
Abu Dhabi will be priced at a premium above taxi with similar
types of vehicles,” Uber said.

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