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TSA reverses ban on Disney World’s Star Wars grenade-shaped bottles




“Star Wars” fans, rejoice.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) reversed its decision to ban Disney’s new “Star Wars”-themed soda bottles from flights, and has announced the bottles will be allowed in checked luggage.

“We have completed our review, and instructed our officers to treat these as an oversized liquid,” detailing their reaction to the backlash. “Because these bottles contain liquids larger than 3.4 ounces (100 milliliters), they should be put in checked baggage or emptied to be brought on as carry-on item.”

The statement added that “TSA officers will maintain the discretion to prohibit any item through the screening checkpoint if they believe it poses a security threat.”

The unique soda bottles, made to look like the grenades used in a number of “Star Wars” movies, are exclusively available at the “Galaxy’s Edge” lands that recently opened at Disneyland in Anaheim, California, and Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Coca-Cola’s design team worked closely with Imagineering and Lucasfilm to create the promotional products, which feature soda logos rewritten in the “Aurebesh” language from the “Star Wars” universe.

Disney’s “Star Wars” grenade-shaped soda bottles.

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Thomas Kelly, a TSA spokesperson, told Insider that the bottles could be mistaken for something more dangerous.

“The issue concerning ‘Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge’-themed soda bottles has recently been brought to our attention by the general public, as these items could reasonably be seen by some as replica hand grenades,” Kelly said.

“Packing inert, replicas or toy explosives in luggage has the potential to impact travelers,” Kelly added. “When officers discover a suspected explosive device, they call an explosives specialist, which takes time and can lead to missed flights and long delays.”

The new Coca-Cola bottles are only available at “Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge” in Disneyland and Disney World.
Disney / YouTube

It seems the “Star Wars” soda bottles were first brought to the TSA’s attention on Twitter, when Disney fan @DarkAshNet tweeted at the TSA, writing: “I know these look dodgy, but can they be packed in a suitcase?”

“Replica and inert explosives aren’t allowed in either carry-on or checked bags,” the TSA initially responded.

TSA policy states replica explosives and hand grenades are prohibited from carry-on bags and checked luggage.

On its website, the TSA lists other prohibited items such as “squirt guns, Nerf guns, toy swords, or other items that resemble realistic firearms or weapons,” and advises travelers to empty water guns to adhere to its liquids rule. The site also says “TSA officers have the discretion to prohibit any item through the screening checkpoint if they believe it poses a security threat.”

As for the “Star Wars” soda bottles, Kelly told us the matter is currently under review.

“While we continue to review this issue, TSA officers will maintain the discretion to prohibit any item through the screening checkpoint if they believe it poses a security threat,” Kelly said.

The new “Galaxy’s Edge” at Disney World — which opened on Thursday and is almost identical to the original “Galaxy’s Edge” in California’s Disneyland — features a number of rides, eateries, and stores based on the “Star Wars” franchise, including the Rise of the Resistance ride and build-your-own droid and lightsaber shops.

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