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Tropical Storm Dorian path: expected to become hurricane near Barbados




Tropical Storm Dorian is on the move.

Currently situated northeast of French Guiana in the Atlantic, the storm is expected to strengthen into a Category 1 hurricane by Wednesday morning, reported Eric Levenson for CNN.

A tropical storm watch has been issued for Barbados, where conditions could worsen within 48 hours, he said. Watches and warnings for the Windward and Leeward Islands are likely to be issued later today.

Here’s what we know about Tropical Storm Dorian so far, according to CNN and the National Hurricane Center:

  • Dorian is the fourth named storm of the season.
  • It has maximum sustained winds of nearly 40 mph.
  • It’s moving west at 14 mph and is expected to shift to a west-northwest direction on Monday and Tuesday.
  • Wind shear and dry air are limiting the storm’s ability to strengthen, but this could change as it moves into warmer water and encounters a weaker wind shear.
  • The cone of probability indicates Dorian is headed just west of Puerto Rico this week.
  • While not directly hitting Puerto Rico, it’s expected to bring rain and storm surges to Lesser Antilles and Puerto Rico.
  • By Thursday, Dorian is expected to disintegrate back into a storm before hitting the Dominican Republic.
  • By Friday, it’s expected to be a depression as it moves over the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

According to the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale, a Cat 1 Hurricane contains winds ranging from 74 to 95 mph. A tropical storm has winds from 39 to 74 mph, and a depression has a wind speed of less than 39 mph.

It’s too soon to determine how the path will affect the US.

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