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Trader Joe’s organic Shaw wine tasting results: Here’s what we thought




Most of the Business Insider employees who attended the Shaw tasting confessed to preferring red wine to white.

So we were surprised to find that we largely enjoyed both the pinot grigio and the chardonnay more than the red wines that would follow. The chardonnay, in particular, carried the day, and it was our top pick of the tasting.

Everyone agreed that the chardonnay was worth its price, and all but one holdout said they’d share this beverage with friends.

“It’s a pretty good, down-the-line chard,” one reviewer wrote.

In terms of taste, this wine makes a bold entrance, only to quietly slink off in retreat. One taster called the wine “decent,” albeit “flat at the end”; another agreed that, while the first note “smashes you in the face,” the taste “slowly fades away” the more you sip.

As a group, we picked up “earthy,” “floral,” “sweet,” and “woody” notes, with one reviewer comparing the first note to “sharp cheddar.”

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