Billy McFarlandBilly McFarland was charged with money laundering and wire fraud.AP/Mary Altaffer

  • Fyre Festival creator Billy McFarland defrauded clients out of over $100,000 in a ticketing scheme.
  • Faux German heiress and socialite Anna Delvey allegedly conned wealthy friends and business associates.
  • Users of Airbnb and players of Fortnite were reportedly targeted by some scammers. 

Although money scams are nothing new, this year has seen many scandals come to light. 

From a woman who allegedly conned New York’s wealthy elite by pretending to be a German heiress to the man behind the Fyre Festival scandal getting involved in yet another financial scheme, 2018 saw its fair share of scam-related headlines.

Here are some of the biggest reported and alleged money scandals of 2018.