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The best tool boxes of 2019: Ridgid, Stanley, and Milwaukee




The size of the Milwaukee 26 in. Jobsite Work Box makes it ideal for the type of person who insists on being prepared for any situation that may arise, no matter how many tools they need to bring with them.

This beast of a tool box definitely comes close to crossing over into “too big” territory, but I think it stops just short.

Don’t get me wrong, the Milwaukee 26 in. Jobsite Work Box is big, but unlike most other tool boxes that tend to lose functionality the bigger they get, this one has a couple of surprisingly useful features that keep it from just being a “big box”.

The handiest of these features is the integrated storage pockets in each corner of the box. These built-in cups can be used as holsters for your drills and impact drivers, preventing them from banging around inside the box and getting damaged. They can also be utilized to vertically store your smaller hand tools, making them much easier to locate and grab.

Another feature is a channel cutout that runs along the length of the lid. This is used for holding sections of PVC pipe or dowels in place for cutting, using your foot to clamp them in place with the handle in the center of the lid. This channel can also be useful for balancing drywall sheets, or anything that you want to keep dry, clean, or off the floor.

The most exciting element of this tool box is the series of screw bosses located on the underside of the lid. These give you the ability to use your own screws and mount any kind of hardware you’d like. The majority of the mounting examples shown online are simply Milwaukee battery chargers, but there are countless other ways you could use these to customize your box.

I worked with an electrician once that actually mounted a piece of plywood to the lid, and on that, he had his own system of mounted tools and drill bit holders, as well as some alligator clips for holding up blueprints and floor-plans for easy reference. Keep in mind though, anything you mount to the lid when it’s open, it will also be taking up space inside the box when you close it; you can’t get too crazy with it. Also, I wouldn’t do too much screwing and unscrewing in those bosses, as the holes can crack with too much use.

Pros: Water and ust resistant, able to hold up to 200 pounds of equipment, large enough to fit large power tools like a reciprocating saw

Cons: Large size may pose storage issues, more expensive than comparable options

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