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The best cats who have ever appeared in movies, ranked




In “Inside Llewyn Davis,” vagabond Llewyn Davis (Oscar Isaac) is a New-York-City musician who couch surfs from apartment to apartment while trying to jumpstart his career.

While staying the night at a new place, Llewyn accidentally lets the owner’s cat Ulysses out and has to take the cat to another apartment for a few days, only for it to escape again. Llewyn spots an orange tabby on the sidewalk and takes it to its rightful owner, only to realize he found the wrong cat.

Both the real Ulysses and the stray are constants in the film, riding the subway with Llewyn and perching on his shoulder like a parrot. The two orange tabbies, played by three real-life cats: Tigger, Jerry, and Daryl, soften the exterior of the hardened folk singer and Llewyn is relieved when the real Ulysses finds his way home.

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