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Stock market news today November 28



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The stock market has become wildly unpredictable — here
are 4 simple portfolio tweaks Credit Suisse says will help
traders make a killing amid the chaos

The stock market has
been flipped upside down.

Value stocks, which have
suffered at the hands of their growth counterparts for most of
the 10-year bull market,
are suddenly the hot
 for portfolio managers. Meanwhile,
stocks that look desirable and safe because of their low
volatility are headed for their best quarter in seven years
relative to the broader market.

What’s resulted is a landscape that looks increasingly foreign to
equity investors who have become accustomed to certain
circumstances — ones that rewarded growth stocks and the traders
who indiscriminately piled into them.

While this has been a tough pill to swallow for some investors,
there are still plentiful opportunities available to those
willing to make the right adjustments.
To that end, Credit Suisse has a handful of ideas how traders can
navigate these choppy waters.

Money managers may see higher bonuses this year, but are
bracing for job cuts in 2019

Asset managers are likely to receive a small bump in their
overall compensation this year
– around 5%, according to a
new report. But that uptick masks some of the larger challenges
within the industry, as market volatility, the reallocation of
bonus pool dollars to technology investments and declining
margins eat into industry profits.

Overall compensation for equities-focused traditional asset
managers is expected to average around $710,000 this year,
compared to $490,000 for fixed income-focused managers, according
to a survey of more than 1,000 professionals by consulting firms
Greenwich Associates and Johnson Associates.

But those figures could fall, as
markets have moved lower in recent weeks.

When Moderna goes public in what might be the biggest IPO
in biotech history, it should be very good for these 7 people and

Moderna Therapeutics, a buzzy startup with
a $7.5
billion private valuation
, filed paperwork in November to go

According to an updated filing, Moderna plans to sell shares for
as much as $24 each, raising $600 million, a move that would
value the company at $7.8 billion.

Here’s who stands to gain the most on what’s heading to be the
biggest IPO in biotech history.

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