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Stock market news: Opening bell, November 26, 2018



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Here is what you need to know.

  1. Cyber Monday 2018 is forecast to be the biggest online-shopping
    day in US history
    Sales are expected to hit $7.8
    billion, up 18% versus a year ago, according to Adobe
  2. Amazon
    is gaining ground
    Shares of the e-ecommerce
    behemoth are up 2.6% at $1,541 apiece ahead of Monday’s opening
    bell. They are down more than 26% from their September

  3. Elon Musk says Tesla was near death during its Model 3
    ‘production hell.’
    Musk told Axios in an
    interview broadcast Sunday evening on HBO that Tesla was
    “bleeding money like crazy,” and that the hemorrhaging of cash
    got to the point where it was “single-digit weeks” from death.

  4. Facebook has a bruising week ahead
    lawmakers are leaning towards releasing a cache of documents
    that could reveal how Facebook’s privacy policy allowed
    Cambridge Analytica to access the data of 87 million users,
    according to The Observer. 

  5. The stock market is flashing some terrifying parallels to the
    tech bubble
    The Popular/Panned (PP)
    ratio, which looks at the performance of tech stocks (the
    popular group) relative to utilities (the panned area), eerily
    mirrors the reckoning that led up to the dotcom crash.
  6. Bitcoin
    is below $4,000
    The largest cryptocurrency
    by market value touched a low of $3,675 Monday, its weakest
    since September 2017. 

  7. Ohio is becoming the first state to accept bitcoin for
    Ohio businesses will be able to pay 23
    types of taxes with bitcoin, including sales taxes and
    witholdings taxes, according to a report out Sunday from The
    Wall Street Journal. 

  8. Feuding UK politicians aren’t united enough to torpedo Theresa
    May’s Brexit deal
    Adrian Paul, a Goldman
    Sachs European economist says an “uneasy alliance” of MPs who
    currently oppose the UK’s deal to leave the EU will ultimately
    ratify it, perhaps on a second vote. 
  9. Stock markets
    around the world are higher
    Hong Kong’s Hang
    Seng (+1.73%) led the gains in Asia and Germany’s DAX (+1.17%)
    is out front in Europe. The S&P 500 is set to open up 1.08%
    near 2,661.

  10. US economic data trickles out
    Dallas Fed
    manufacturing crosses the wires at 10:30 a.m. ET. The US
    10-year yield is up 2 basis points at 3.06%. 
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