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Richer Poorer bralette review: the bra is as good as everyone says




For a bralette, one of the smallest, most simple pieces of underwear you can buy, to sell out constantly and garner impatient, thousand-person waitlists, it better be a darn good bralette.

When I first brought home one such Internet-famous darn good bralette, Richer Poorer’s Classic Bralette ($28), my roommate excitedly exclaimed that it’s the one all over Instagram (I’m apparently on a completely different side of the app because I hadn’t seen it before). I’ll admit that I thought, “Oh, this is it?”

Don’t get me wrong — it’s a cute bralette. It has triangular, darted, and unpadded cups and what looks like a supportive band. It comes in no less than 12 pretty colors.

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Richer Poorer/Instagram

Still, for someone who usually straddles a medium and large for bralettes and sports bras, I thought Richer Poorer’s medium looked suspiciously small and wouldn’t stretch or fit well.

In the best type of surprise to experience while trying something on, it stretched comfortably and fit perfectly. Wearing the Classic Bralette for the first time was an “Ok, I get it now” moment.

I didn’t only like it immediately because of the surprising stretch. The overall feel is simply very comfortable because of the soft modal cotton fabric and flexible lack of structure. The wide elastic band doesn’t dig into my skin and offers a light level of support, though I’m a 36B and I suspect this bralette works better for smaller bust sizes. It also has adjustable straps to get you to your preferred fit.

As I continued wearing it in the following months, like grew into love because the bralette stayed as soft and comfortable as the first time I wore it. It has also retained its stretch, but hasn’t gone completely shapeless as some delicate pieces of underwear are prone to do.

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Richer Poorer/Instagram

It’s the ideal weekend lounging bra because of its comfort, and it also looks attractive enough to peek out of your outfit if you do choose to leave your apartment. I own the Classic Bralette in Mint and Plum, but I’d also point you to the Black Stripe, Marigold (pictured above), and Dusty Rose as other bra-drawer essential colors you won’t regret getting.

While the Classic Bralette is a cult-favorite standby from Richer Poorer, the Cut Out Bralette ($28) is a newer, updated take that is also a stylish, comfortable option.

It comes in fewer colors, but it costs the same as the Classic style and features an attractive scoop cut-cut out detail pairing. The straps are also adjustable but have the added versatility of turning into a racerback.

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Richer Poorer/Instagram

After this extended exposure to Richer Poorer’s star products, I can see why people love the bralettes from this basics brand. The initial hype that led to constant lack of availability has died down a little, so you should have better luck buying it in the color and size you want now.

Shop the Classic Bralette in 13 colors for $28 at Richer Poorer here

Shop the Cut Out Bralette in 4 colors for $28 at Richer Poorer here

Shop all basics at Richer Poorer here

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