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Protesters disrupt JPMorgan’s Jamie Dimon



jamie dimonScott Olson/Getty Images

  • Protesters interrupted JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon’s remarks at
    an investor conference on Tuesday. 
  • Their demands centered on the bank’s financing of the
    operators of private prisons, which are holding immigrant
    children detained at the US border. 

Protesters interrupted JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon’s presentation at
an investor conference Tuesday not once. But twice. 

Midway through Dimon’s remarks at the Goldman Sachs financial
conference in New York, a protester shouted at Dimon, demanding
an end to the firm’s financing of private prisons that are
holding immigrant children detained at the border. A short time
later, a second protester got up and demanded the bank stop
supporting those firms and “locking those children in

While protesters have become frequent visitors to bank
annual meetings in the years after the financial crisis, they
usually can’t get into invite-only investor conferences. Goldman
Sachs banking analyst Richard Ramsden gave Dimon a chance after
the protestors to answer their demands. 

Dimon said the Business Roundtable, where he’s chairman, is
in support of “real immigration reform.” He later said that the
protesters do raise “
legitimate issues.” 

After the second
protesters was escorted out, Dimon encouraged any others to show

“If there’s anyone
left here, come on out,” Dimon said. “
Get it out now.”

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