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New Apple TV app released today, here’s what’s new




Apple is giving its TV app a slight redesign that brings some cosmetic upgrades as well as deeper personalization.

The Watch Now section has a new card-style interface that pulls up a page with artwork and additional details when clicking on individual shows. You can also swipe to cycle between titles in this mode without having to exit to the main interface.

Apple is also injecting more personalization into certain sections under the Watch Now tab. Titles listed in the What to Watch row, for example, will be ranked based on your tastes. Apple uses a mix of human and algorithmic curation to tailor content appropriately.

Apple is also making some changes to how it suggests content — while the old version only recommended content you already subscribe to, the new version will surface other programming available in Apple TV channels as well.

There’s also an Up Next section that displays the TV shows and movies you’re currently watching so that you can pick up from where you left off across devices. iTunes content you’ve previously purchased will be available in the Library section of the TV app as well.

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