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Mark Cuban embarrasses his daughter by blasting hip-hop in the car



Mark Cuban family
“I drive my kids crazy,”
Cuban said.

Frazer Harrison /

  • Mark
    is the billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks and
    a “Shark Tank” star.
  • Cuban told Vanity Fair that, when he drives his
    15-year-old daughter to school, he embarrasses her by rolling
    down the windows and blasting hip-hop music.
  • It might be a way of keeping his famous, wealthy family
    down to earth.

Mark Cuban and his 15-year-old daughter have different ideas of
what it means to be cool.

For Cuban’s daughter, Alexis, listening to hip-hop on the drive
to school is cool. But Cuban wants his daughter to “own it.”

As Cuban, billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks and “Shark
Tank” star, told Vanity
in a video feature on his daily routine, “I’ll roll down
the windows and, if there’s a good song, I’ll just crank it up,
and she buries her head.”

It gets worse.

Cuban said that he recently came across a song about him,
,” by Lil Phag. (From the chorus: “Mark Cuban, always
win never lose. Mark Cuban, I’m a shark, who are you?”)

“Being the dad that I am,” Cuban told Vanity Fair, “in the
mornings I’ve got to just jam it out. So I drive my kids crazy.”

Cuban is hardly the only celebrity dad to make his kids want to
disappear. Soccer star David Beckham said on “The Late Late Late
Show with James Corden
” that he accompanied his son Brooklyn,
now 19 years old, on his first date.

Meanwhile, reported
that Will Smith frequently tries to
kiss his son, Jaden, now 20 years old, in front of cameras.

Cuban didn’t specify in the interview with Vanity Fair, but it’s
possible that the humiliation is just another way to keep his
family down-to-earth.

As Cuban
once said
in an interview with Dallas-based news channel
WFAA, his biggest fear is that his kids will “grow up to be
entitled jerks.” He went on: “I caught it with my oldest
daughter. I’m like, ‘You’re not all that.'”

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