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Luxury apartment buildings are now offering resident-only restaurants



bartender bar mixing drink cocktail pub
One planned Chicago
skyscraper is set to offer its occupants free


  • Luxury apartments are
    rolling out fancy and resident-exclusive restaurants.
  • The Wall Street Journal
    reported that a recent crop of such eateries has sprung up in
  • Glitzy real estate offerings of the past have featured
    similar wild giveaways, like art galleries and trips to space

Landlords occasionally attach a few perks to apartments or houses
to sweeten the deal for buyers and attract new tenants.

Luxury residences are no
different, in that regard. They just serve up more ostentatious

Take private restaurants and bars, for instance. The Wall Street Journal
reported on a number of fancy eateries that have cropped up in
Miami. They’re all attached to a luxury residence. The Porsche
Design Tower has Fuel, Palazzo Del Sol has the Café Sol, and the
Oceana Bal Harbour has Ballerina.

You can’t just walk into these restaurants from off the street
and snag a table. They are reserved for the people who live in
these astronomically pricey skyscrapers. So if you even want to
get a glimpse at the menu, you’d have to shell out millions for
an apartment.

As one would expect, these exclusive eateries offer pretty
sumptuous culinary experiences. At Ballerina, for instance, the
Wall Street Journal reported that guests can get meals catered to
their rooms. The restaurant also hosted a black truffle festival
for the building.

It’s not just Miami, either. Residents of Boston’s Millennium
Tower flock to the private restaurant Mina, while Chicagoans who
live in the planned 1000M high-rise will be able to grab drinks
at the Club 1000 when it opens in 2022. All drinks at Club 1000
will be on the house, too.

Swanky private restaurants aren’t the only perks that luxury
residences have thrown out there to please residents and entice
prospective buyers. Business Insider previously reported that a deal for an
$85 million penthouse apartment in New York City also included
two tickets to space, a $1 million yacht, a Hamptons vacation
rental, two Rolls-Royce Phantoms, and a Lamborghini Aventador

And previously, a luxury apartment Miami provided its residents
with Tesla-driving chauffeurs, while another established a whole
art gallery for tenants to peruse.

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