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Kylie Jenner’s walnut face scrub criticized as harmful before release




Kylie Jenner has just announced the release of a new walnut face scrub from her brand Kylie Skin which launches May 22. But the product has already been criticised by people on social media, saying it could be too harsh on the skin.

In a video for the release, Jenner said the face scrub is really gentle.

“It’s gentle enough to use every day, I recommend two or three times a week,” she said. “That’s how much I use it.”

She continued to say some walnut face scrubs are kind of harsh on the skin.

“This isn’t too abrasive,” she said. “It really leaves my skin feeling super baby soft, it makes you look glowy, it takes away dead skin cells. My walnut face scrub is my secret to my fresh face.”

However, not everyone is convinced.

“Walnut Face Scrub!!!!!!!!!! In 2019!!!” one person wrote on Twitter. Another said “Omg not WALNUT Kylie the girls have been dragging St. Ives for 10 years now lol read the ROOM”

The founder of skincare brand Haus Urban Hassan Sayyed posted a video on Twitter saying it had been his personal mission over the past decade to stop people using face scrubs like the St. Ives apricot scrub, which was involved in a lawsuit in 2016 for allegedly damaging skin. (The case was recently dismissed.)

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“There are walnut shells in it, and when you drag them across your face as an exfoliator, you are creating micro-tears in the skin, you are cutting your face over and over and over again,” he said.

“It’s not good. It’s not exfoliating your skin. It’s piercing your skin. It’s like dragging f—— shrapnel across it. Stop this. Throw that s— out. Stop using it.”

Dermatologist Marisa Garshick told INSIDER that although exfoliating is a helpful way to achieve nice glowing skin by removing dead skin cells, she doesn’t recommend harsh scrubs that do it physically, like walnut scrubs, as these irritate the surface of the skin.

Another dermatologist, Kathleen Suozzi, told INSIDER you can also use face brushes like Clarisonic.

“Physical scrubs can cause micro trauma to the skin, especially if overused,” she said.

“As an alternative, I recommend either chemical exfoliants, which are products containing glycolic acid, lactic acid among others which help to eliminate dead skin cells, or gentle polishing powders that are not designed to be rough on the skin,” said Garshick.

“Whatever exfoliants are being used, I recommend only using a few times per week to minimize injury to the skin barrier.”

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