ADS_9077HSBC and Samsung have partnered on a program to bring wearable technology into bank branches.HSBC/Samsung

HSBC has begun what it’s calling a first-of-its kind program to bring wearable technology into its bank branches.

The firm is piloting a program where branch bankers wear a watch allowing them to send and receive messages, or speak to colleagues using small microphones.

The pilot is a partnership with Samsung at HSBC’s flagship Fifth Avenue branch in New York City in which HSBC bankers will wear Samsung Gear S3 watches with customized software. 

The idea of the program is that it will allow employees at the branch — which has three floors and lots of rooms — to be more productive by improving communication, according to Jeremy Balkin, head of innovation for HSBC’s US unit. Due to the size of the branch, its often hard to know where employees are at any given time and difficult to find them if one of their customers shows up for a meeting, or the front desk needs covering, he said. 

Business Insider visited HSBC’s branch last week to check out the new wearable technology.