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How to use Netflix codes to find new movies and shows




Navigating through Netflix is easiest when you either know the exact movie or show you want to watch, you’re okay with sticking to broader genres, or you’re fine with passively browsing the movies the site’s algorithm throws at you.

But if you’re interested in taking a more active role in your streaming experience, and looking into the smaller corners of the site that you wouldn’t be able to get to via the main menus, you might want to use Netflix codes.

On Netflix, these codes are a string of numbers that are assigned to different subsets of the site (like “Korean crime thrillers” or “tearjerkers”), and they can be inserted into the site’s URL to get to that section of the site.

Here’s more about how to use them, and some codes you might want to keep on hand:

How to use Netflix codes

It’s pretty straightforward, but you’ll need to know the code to get started. Once you have it, use this basic link structure: “ CODE

So, for example, if you wanted to get to all of the action comedy movies, you’d go to:

There are many different Netflix codes, for many different genre and category combinations.
Devon Delfino/Business Insider

Netflix codes you may want to use

You can find more codes here.

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