wall street intern suit employeeSpencer Platt/Getty Images

Each summer, a new crop of students descend onto Wall Street for financial internships. 

A killer internship helps you gain hands on experience and expands your network, arming you with the right knowledge for a future finance career. 

To help you navigate through the internship hunt, Vault.com surveyed more than 12,000 current and former interns and provided a compilation of the best internships for 2018. The respondents were asked to review and rate their internship experiences based on an assortment of components. On a scale of 1 to 10, respondents scored their internships for five main areas: quality of life, compensation & benefits, interview process, career and development, and full-time employment prospects. 

Vault then calculated the rating for each company and ranked them in order. Take a look at the 10 highest rated internships among investment banks, with comments pulled directly from Vault’s intern survey.