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Forget iPhone 11: Here’s why you should buy an iPhone 7 instead




To be clear, the iPhone 11 will have several advantages over the iPhone 7:

– Significantly longer battery life

– Wireless charging

– Portrait mode photography

– Video stabilization

– A display that supports HDR

– A more sophisticated camera system

Look at these features listed above. When the iPhone 11 becomes available later this year, you’ll need to decide whether or not these features justify the price of a brand-new iPhone, compared to an older model like the iPhone 7.

Yes, the iPhone 7 will be three years old come September, but it still has a lot going for it: a light form factor, Touch ID, a great camera system, and of course a competitive price. For $449, you can save a ton of money by investing in the iPhone 7 instead of the latest model, and still get an incredible smartphone out of the deal.

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