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Foods that freeze well, according to chefs




Should you find yourself in the throes of a baking fugue and don’t know where to store your surfeit of breads, muffins, and pastries, the good news is that these oven-forged treats count among the most freezer-friendly foods out there.

“Cakes, breads, and muffins can be frozen very successfully,” said Philadelphia-based baker and blogger Eileen Gray of Baking Sense. “If you want to bake ahead [of time], freezing your breads or cakes is much better than refrigerating. The refrigerator accelerates staling because the cool temperature causes the starch in the item to recrystallize, and in the process, moisture is released. The freezer stops the process and keeps your cake or bread perfectly fresh.

“I recommend double-wrapping the items in plastic and then a layer of foil. Defrost at room temperature in the plastic wrap. [To get] a crusty bread, a few minutes in a warm oven will revive the texture.”

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