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Flash Boys Star IEX CEO Katsuyama on pitch to companies



Brad Katsuyama 4
IEX founder Brad

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  • It hasn’t been easy for upstart stock exchange IEX to
    lure companies from the big exchanges for its new listings
  • IEX CEO Brad Katsuyama explained his pitch to companies
    on Tuesday at Business Insider’s IGNITION 2018

It hasn’t been easy for upstart stock exchange IEX to lure
companies from Nasdaq and the New York Stock

The exchange
been trying to get its listings off the ground since the end of
2017 before it snagged its first listing, Interactive
in September. 

Brad Katsuyama, IEX’s founder, is laser-focused on building out
its business. A boost in the number of companies listed on
IEX would likely mean an increase in the amount of trading that
takes place on it, as stocks are more likely to trade on the
exchange on which they are listed. 

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IEX CEO Brad Katsuyama talks about disrupting Wall Street and the
power of ‘Flash Boys’ on the upstart exchange

Katsuyama explained how he’s trying to coax companies to ditch
the big exchanges and list on IEX at BI’s IGNITION 2018
conference on Tuesday. 

“We’re the only stock exchange that aligns the interests of
investors and companies,” he said. “When we talk to companies, we
say you and the investor are the two most important parts of the
market and we have tremendous support from investors and we want
to build a relationship with you. Most of them haven’t been
talked to that way … we’re different, we stand for something,
it’s a value-based decision and a lot of CFOs are trying to make
value-based decisions. So the trend there is in our favor.” 

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