CharityWells Fargo & Company donated 1% of its $27.4 billion pretax profit to charity.Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

  • Charity is part of the missions of some of the biggest companies in the US.
  • In 2017, donations to charity reached an all time high in the US, with an estimated $410 billion investments towards philanthropic efforts.
  • Nearly 5% of the total came from large US corporations like Wells Fargo & Company, Goldman Sachs Group, and Google.
  • Here’s 10 of the US companies that give the most to charity.


Here’s something to feel good about: Total charitable giving in the United States reached record levels in 2017, with an estimated $410 billion donated to various causes by groups and individuals, according to Charity Navigator.

Of that total, 5% — or nearly $21 billion — came from corporations, up 8% from the previous year.

Here’s a look at some of the US companies that donate the most to charity.