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Cast of ‘Parks and Recreation’: Where are they now?




Chris Pratt had appeared on the WB show “Everwood” and Fox’s “The O.C.,” but found a new level of fame with “Parks and Rec” — even though Andy wasn’t meant to last beyond season one.

“We originally conceived of Andy as a character who would fade away after the first six [episodes] or so, but Chris was so great we had to make him full-time — and we decided that right after we cast him,” co-creator Mike Schur revealed in 2009. “It seemed like a waste to have him around for such a short time.”

Pratt is known for improvising Andy’s hilarious one-liners on the fly.

Schur’s personal favorite? When Leslie has the flu on season three, and Andy tells her: “I typed your symptoms into the thing up here and it says you could have network connectivity problems.”

“As a writer, it was very depressing frankly, because I have never written a joke that good,” Schur told Seth Meyers. “And I almost didn’t put it in, just out of spite.”

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