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8 best-selling phone grips on Amazon — all under $15




Like a Spotify Premium membership or a pair of comfortable underwear, a phone grip is one of those small investments that has exponentially improved my life and led me to question how I ever went about my day without it.

I’ve watched with horror as my phone has slipped out of my hand and fallen (always in slow motion, it seems) to the ground too many times to count. A strong phone case cushions the blow, but I’d still rather not drop it in the first place.

After finally sticking a grip on my device, I’ve felt much more secure holding my phone on bumpy commutes, in bed — pretty much anywhere, honestly.

For less than $15, you can get an additional layer of protection for that device you just spent hundreds of dollars on.

The best phone grips are also comfortable to hold and have multiple functions, capable of being turned into car mounts, stands, and card holders. Since there’s only so much real estate available on our phone exteriors, we love this versatility.

On Amazon, you have a number of reliable options, and they’re all really affordable. Do yourself and your phone a favor by shopping these 8 phone grips:

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