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Worcestershire cricketer Alex Hepburn guilty of raping sleeping woman | UK News



Former Worcestershire cricketer Alex Hepburn has been found guilty of rape after attacking a sleeping woman.

The jury delivered a unanimous verdict on a count of oral rape, to which Hepburn sighed, slumped into his before covering his face with his hands and sobbing.

Hepburn was cleared of a second rape charge connected to the same victim in this retrial.

The 23-year-old will be sentenced on 30 April.

He denied two counts of rape relating to the alleged attack in the early hours of 1 April, 2017, at his flat in Portland Street, Worcester.

The attack was part of a sexual conquest “game”.

During his evidence, Hepburn admitted he sent “disgusting, horrible and embarrassing” WhatsApp messages while setting the rules of the sex competition.

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