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Voting down Brexit deal risks cancelling Brexit



Brexit could be cancelled if MPs vote down the deal reached with Brussels, the foreign secretary has warned.

Jeremy Hunt said parliament would “try very hard to rule out” a no-deal divorce with the EU and leave the UK in “paralysis”.

“The big risk and what people worry about is that we don’t actually deliver what people voted for,” he announced on Friday.

His intervention is the most significant from a cabinet minister acknowledging that leaving the EU with no deal could be blocked.

Mr Hunt remained optimistic about Prime Minister Theresa May getting her withdrawal agreement through parliament, touting two MPs who had changed their mind and will now support it.

“I think we shouldn’t forget that in the kind of unprecedented situation that we’re in things are changing very, very fast,” he said.

“MPs are all reflecting, and what they’re all thinking is what is the best way that we can be true to our manifesto and true to our constituents and make sure that we really do deliver for our voters the Brexit deal that we promised.”

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