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Viktorija Sokolova: Teen detained for life over hammer attack murder | UK News



A teenage boy has been detained for life after the hammer attack murder and rape of a 14-year-old girl.

Viktorija Sokolova was subjected to a “ferocious and sustained” attack in Wolverhampton in April last year.

The boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons, used horrific levels of violence to kill the 14-year-old before dumping her body on a park bench.

He denied the crime during a three-week trial at Wolverhampton Crown Court but was unanimously convicted by a jury on 14 December.

At the same court today he was sentenced to life, with a minimum term of 19 years.

He was cleared by the jury of sexual penetration of a corpse.

The attack happened in West Park, Wolverhampton
The attack happened in West Park, Wolverhampton

Detectives said the boy used a hammer, which was never found, to launch what prosecutors called a “ferocious and sustained” attack on Viktorija.

She suffered a fractured skull and spine. Three of her teeth were found in the pavilion where she was attacked, alongside her blood-stained hat and earrings.

Viktorija was lured to West Park late on 11 April last year after she was contacted by her killer on Facebook messenger.

She had been with friends, who asked her not to go to meet him, police said, but she had believed he was a friend.

He was caught on CCTV as he attempted to cover up the offence, by hiding clothing. He also deleted Facebook messages and hurled the victim’s phone towards a lake.

The boy, who refused to give evidence, claiming to suffer from learning difficulties, even denied ever meeting Viktorija.

Earlier in the trial, the court heard Viktorija had been hit on the head 21 times in the attack.

Her body was found by a dog walker who initially thought it was a blow-up doll and dismissed it as a prank.

After the case, Detective Inspector Caroline Corfield said: “The impact on Viktorija’s family has been huge.

“It’s impossible to imagine what it is like to learn of the murder of your child, then to hear the horrific details of that murder – which are inescapable because they have to be presented in court.

“But in this particular case the defence pointed the finger of blame very specifically at Viktorija’s parents – they were asked in court whether they had murdered Viktorija.”

Viktorija’s mother and stepfather Karolina Valantiniene and Saidas Valantinas, who had reported her missing, were eliminated from the inquiry at an early stage using CCTV footage, Ms Corfield said.

After his conviction, Viktorija’s mother and stepfather said: “We were a family, now there are only two of us. Viktorija will never be replaced and will always be missed dearly. She will remain in our hearts forever. We will never be given the opportunity to have grandchildren because this has been taken from us.”

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