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UK’s favourite photo spot has been revealed | UK News



The nation’s favourite photo spot has been revealed.

Google has mapped out exactly where Britons most like to snap selfies and take Instagram pictures, and coming out on top it’s the one and only… Brighton Marina.

The landmark in East Sussex beat Oxford University and London’s Tower Bridge into second and third place respectively after the technology giant analysed thousands of photographs by UK “Instagrammers”.

Experts looked at the most popular locations where photos were taken with popular hashtags such as #landscape or #dayout from January 2018 to December 2019.

Here are the top 10 locations:

Research by Google also revealed the lengths Britons go to in order to get the perfect picture – with 66% planning an outfit or a change of clothes.

Some 36% admitted they would block the way of pedestrians to take a photo and 28% would visit a location more than once to capture the perfect shot.

Meanwhile, nearly three quarters of Britons (74%) take up to five pictures at a time to get a one they are happy with, according to the survey.

Google revealed the UK’s favourite photo spots to coincide with the launch its new Pixel 3a smartphone.

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