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UK weather: ‘Wall-to-wall’ sunshine to end with wet weekend | UK News



Wall to wall sunshine will bathe Britain today, but it is set to be the last day before a return to rain.

Forecasters expect one more day of warm and dry weather before cooler temperatures set back in and bring rain with it.

Commuters cross London Bridge as the last day of warm weather arrives
Commuters cross London Bridge as the last day of warm weather arrives

The unseasonably warm temperatures have broken records, hitting 20C (68F) for the first ever time in February.

On Tuesday, the UK’s hottest February temperature was recorded in Kew Gardens, in south west London, where the high was 21.2C (70F).

Damage caused by the fire on Saddleworth Moor
Damage caused by the fire on Saddleworth Moor

Met Office forecaster Dean Hall said there would be “wall-to-wall sunshine” adding: “It’s going to feel pretty pleasant out there so certainly make the most of this exceptionally mild weather.

“Today is going to be the last day of any warmth and dry, settled weather.”

Cloud is predicted to move in bringing with it rain to most of the UK, but Scotland may avoid it.

The picnics are out in Gateshead in February,
Picnics are on the cards in Gateshead in February

Mr Hall said: “Some of those showers could be heavy and there could be a rumbling of thunder with that as well.”

The sun has helped production of British-grown strawberries, which will be on the shelves this weekend.

Waitrose has said it will be stocking the Lusa variety from Saturday, grown in glasshouses in Lancashire.

Although glasshouse production does allow for an extension of the strawberry selling season, it doesn’t usually begin until 1 May.

Nicki Baggot, soft fruit buyer for Waitrose, said: “Despite some cold weather early on in the year, the last few weeks of sunshine have helped speed up the ripening process of our British strawberries.”

The rain could help to extinguish fires on Saddleworth Moor between Huddersfield and Manchester as well as other blazes at Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh, North Wales, Ashdown Forest in East Sussex and on moorland in Blacko, Lancashire.

Station manager Adam Greenwood attended the Saddleworth Moor fires, and said: “The fire looks to be out however moorland fires can easily reignite so it’s important that we monitor it closely.”

People walk through St Stephen's Green in Dublin during the mild weather
People walk through St Stephen’s Green in Dublin during the mild weather

A man was rescued from a tractor in Glyndyfrdwy, North Wales, as firefighters dealt with a nearby fire.

A series of gorse fires have also been extinguished on The Lizard in Cornwall. Firefighters have said the majority were suspected arson.

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