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UK weather: Snow warning for midweek with the risk of travel disruption | UK News



A weather warning for snow has been issued for a large swathe of England this week with the risk of up to 10cm falling in places.

The yellow alert, in place for Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, stretches from Kent and East Anglia, up to Lincolnshire, the Midlands and almost as far across as Bristol.

Up to 3cm (1.2in) of heavy snow is expected to fall widely during this period, according to forecasters, with 10cm (3.9in) possible on higher ground.

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Travel disruption is threatened on the roads with the possibility of stranded vehicles, while rail and air travellers could also face delays or cancelled services.

Some rural communities could be cut off and power supplies may also be affected, it is warned.

Sky News weather presenter Kirsty McCabe said: “The weather will be cold and unsettled this week with a messy mix of rain, snow and ice.

“During Tuesday evening a band of rain pushing east across parts of England is likely to turn to snow, with up to 10cm of snow possible over the hills of central and southern England.

“The snow risk will continue into Wednesday with many places seeing accumulations of a few centimetres.

“As always with snow forecasting, the details will be tricky, especially for the London area.

“However, even a small amount of snow or ice could lead to travel disruption.”

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