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Transgender women given full access to ladies-only Hampstead Heath pond | UK News



A women-only pond is to be opened up to transgender women who will have unlimited access.

The City of London Corporation (CoLC) says swimmers will be able to use the ponds “aligning with their gender identity” on Hampstead Heath in north London.

Admission would be granted on a case-by-case basis, the corporation said, following a consultation it carried out last year which received almost 40,000 responses.

The consultation asked whether or not restrictions should be decided based on the gender a person identifies as, regardless of the sex they were born with.

A majority of replies supported allowing transgender swimmers to be admitted on the basis of their gender identity, the report on the consultation said.

The gender identity policy introduced by CoLC is also designed to ensure transgender staff are not subjected to “less favourable treatment” at work.

Edward Lord, chairman of the City’s establishment committee, which manages its workforce and inclusion policies, said: “This policy will ensure our public services do not discriminate against trans people.

“We support a wide range of service users and we want to ensure they can all feel comfortable accessing and enjoying our facilities.

“All communities should be fully respected, and equality and basic human rights upheld.”

Female activists last year demonstrated against trans women using the women’s pond, but the Kenwood Ladies’ Pond Association have welcomed the corporation’s policy.

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